Jul 30, 2009


Posted by Bhutan Link

BhutanLink.Com is launched. But it is still in beta version which means it will continuously be improved or changed.
Bhutan Link is Bhutan's 360-degree/Panoramic virtual interactive tour site. You can drag the images left or right (not up or down, though) or just watch move by itself.

This site was launched with people who are interested in Bhutan - and want to test drive before you actually go there - in mind. This is also for Bhutanese outside Bhutan. This is for everyone :-)

We have uploaded a couple of images from different places and we shall continue to do so.

New uploads will be informed through this blog.

We hope you enjoy

If you have any queries, drop a comment on our website or mail us at bhutanlink <@>gmail.com (please remove < and >)


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